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Expertise and projects - Research Unit 1, research line 2


  • Equality as a standard for good local governance, FSE-Poland-Human capital
  • CHETCH: China and Europe taking care of healthcare solutions, 7PQ-People-Marie Curie  -IRSES
  • GRAGE: Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas, Horizon 2020, Marie Skolodwska Curie Actions, RISE


  • EPF (Economic Policy Forum) facilitates dialogue surrounding economic policy challenges of emerging economies among think tanks. (Rererente Francesca Spigarelli)
  • Echalliance (European Connected Health Alliance) is an initiative designed to support and promote the wider adoption of healthcare and wellbeing (including sports and fitness) products, services, applications and innovation. In bringing together commercial, academic and healthcare stakeholders, ECHAlliance facilitates focused leadership for the development of ‘Connected and MHealth’ markets and practices across Europe and beyond. The scope includes the economic development of the full range of eHealth, EHR TeleCare, TeleHealth Telemonitoring and MHealth sectors. (Rererente Francesca Spigarelli)