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Dispense e materiali didattici

All study materials are avable at this link:



you can download and install R from the following links: (for Mac OS X users) (for Windows users) (for main Linux distributions)
RStudio is instead available from this link, selecting the proper file for your operating system:
If you need some help with the installation, you can consult these short videos:
- How to Download, Install and Setup R & RStudio
- What is RStudio and Why Should You Download It?

Additional packages:
"tidyverse","knitr", “rmarkdown, “mosaic", “vcd", “gtools”, “googleVis”, “countrycode”, “kable", “kableExtra", “alr3","car", "FactoMineR", "Factoshiny", "FactoInvestigate", aod, igraph, scales, MASS, expm, foreach, doParallel, spdep, ggplot2.


You can find more information  on this page: as well as you can consult the online version of the book R for data science from this page