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Title NEST: Network of staff and teachers in child care services

Funding programme LLP-Comenius-Multilateral Project

Project reference

Principal investigator
Pier Giuseppe Rossi

Role UniMC Partner

Consortium Friedrich Alexander Universitat Erlangen Nurnberg (DE); SCIENTER CID (ES); Amitié srl (IT); IPAK Institute for Symbolic Analysis and Development of IT (SI); National Centre for Professional Development in Education (FI); World Association of Early Childhood Educators (ES); EDEN-European Distance and E-Learning Network (UK); MILITOS EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES & SERVICES (GR); Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HU)

Runtime from 03.10.2011 to 01.10.2014

Status completed 

Short description The state of the art in staff development in Early Childhood Education and Care is related to the fragmented situation of systems and provisions across EU: a common vision for childcare services is currently lacking in Europe; just as levels of investment differ greatly between Member States, picture also varies significantly in relation to childcare workforce. Childcare workers are qualified in all aspects of ECEC in some country (must hold a degree and be involved in continuous training), where in other countries they don’t have formal education path and recognized professional profile. Given the varied background of EU, there are no common recommendations/curricula, and national/regional level have very little possibilities of sharing. For this reason, the project seeks to establish a network in ECEC staff development: it will contribute to overcome local visions, by creating links between institutions/practitioners/professionals, and by collecting learning resources in ECEC, making them available for a larger audience. It will provide policy makers with updated information and comparisons of data.
The project aims at build a network able:
- to establish working groups in ECEC topics and issues, especially curriculum development;
- to set up an online-based pool of learning resources, information and sharing for ECEC workforce and institutions at all levels in EU;
- to build community, promote peer learning and support among ECEC staff;
- to support and enlarge the community, through dissemination and exploitation of results;
- to establish an effective system for monitoring and evaluate the network.

The impact is envisaged at 3 levels: ECEC workforce, engaged in EU community of practice, with opportunities of exchange, peer learning, access to learning resources; Researchers in the field of curriculum development, to define a potential EU-ECEC curriculum; Policy makers, to raise awareness and point out the need to work toward a common vision and provision for ECEC.

Total cost € 523.821,00

EU contribution € 392.862,00

EU contribution to UniMC € 49.393,00

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