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Protecting young suspects in interrogations

Title Protecting young suspects in interrogations: a study on safeguards and best practice

Funding programme DG JUSTICE-Criminal Justice

Project reference JUST/2011/JPEN/AG/2909

Principal investigator Claudia Cesari

Role UniMC Partner

Consortium Maastricht University (NL -Coordinator), Uniwersitet Jagellonski w Krakowie (PL), Universiteit Antwerpen (BE), University of Warwick (UK)

Runtime from 01.02.2013 to 31.01.2015

Status completed

Short description The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the effective protection of the rights of young suspects during interrogation by providing minimum rules to be applied throughout the EU.To that end the project has the immediate goal to contribute to the discussion on the drafting of a European legal instrument on this matter and to its eventual successful implementation.
In order to realize the overall goal, the project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:
1. To gain a detailed insight into existing legal procedural safeguards providing protection for young suspects during interrogations by conducting a comparative legal study in 5 selected Member States;
2. To explore in depth the variety of current practices by empirical research in the 5 selected Member States;
3. To draft a proposal for minimum rules and best practice EU wide.
The first and second specific objective aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of existing procedural safeguards given to juvenile suspects during interrogation. This will be achieved by providing a clear and detailed picture of relevant procedural safeguards in a selection of EU Member States representing the current variety of juvenile criminal justice systems. Moreover, the project will offer a critical analysis of the legal rules in the light of existing practice to evaluate whether the practice is in line with the rules set out by the law and to improve the practical implementation of the safeguards where and when necessary. With the third specific objective the project aims to promote and implement optimal standards for effective protection of juveniles during interrogations across the EU through formulation of a proposal for minimum rules and best practice. Effective implementation of the proposal will be pursued through the development of practical tools for effective enforcement and by creating an international practitioners' forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Total cost € 469.848,98

EU contribution € 375.606,58

EU contribution to UniMC € 47.583,22

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