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Research support structures

The duty of the Research Area is:

  • to encourage all forms of strategic collaboration aimed at opening up various opportunities for international training and research to students and teachers;
  • to deal with activities associated with financing for research and scientific training;
  • to provide support for research structures in the co-ordination of research activities, in particular on an EU and international level;
  • to encourage the development of research activity, to valorise the results of the same and the links with the territory;
  • to promote and implement activities aimed at increasing the funds for research acquired from the outside.

Office Head and delegates

Dr. Anna Rita Pietrani is the Head of the Research and Internationalisation Area

via Pescheria Vecchia, 8 - Macerata
Tel. 0733 2582421

The Chancellor’s Delegate for research and the relative assessment processes is Prof. Carla Danani.

The Chancellor’s Delegate for the transferral of knowledge and skills, for self-entrepreneurship and for the implementation of the principles of the European Researchers’ Charter is Prof. Francesca Spigarelli.

The Chancellor’s Delegate for international relations is Prof. Benedetta Giovanola.

Office for scientific research and advanced research training

Palazzo Compagnoni delle Lune, Via Don Minzoni
Open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Head of the office: Dott.ssa Cinzia Raffaelli 
tel. 0733 2582843

Dott.ssa Laura Bettucci 
tel. 0733 2582870

Dott.ssa Veronica Ciccarelli 
tel. 0733 2582880

Grant office

Via Pescheria Vecchia, 8


Office Head: Dott.ssa Barbara Chiucconi 
tel. 0733 2582418

Dott.ssa Lucia Antolloni
tel. 0733 2582806

Dott.ssa Laura Concetti
tel. 0733 2582508

Dott.ssa Silvana Tartufoli
tel. 0733 2582890

Dott.ssa Erica Feliziani
tel. 0733 258 (to be assigned)


ILO (Industrial Liaison Office)

Via Pescheria Vecchia

Head of the office: Dott.ssa Paola Bucceroni 
tel. 0733 2582480

International relations office