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Sustainability and digital manufacturing

This research area includes multi and inter disciplinary studies on topics such as (but not limited to): environment, digitalization of production and processes, circular economy, sustainable development, economic growth.

Sustainable development has since long been at the heart of the European project and the EU Treaties give recognition to its economic, social and environmental dimensions that should be tackled together.

Development must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A life of dignity for all within the planet's limits and reconciling economic efficiency, social inclusion and environmental responsibility is at the essence of sustainable development.

Sustainability means a development based on balanced economic growth and price stability, a highly competitive social market economy, aiming at full employment and social progress, and a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment.

Focusing on firms and industry, sustainability means a continuous search for efficiency and resource savings. In this sense, digital manufacturing has been considered as a highly promising set of technologies for reducing product development times and cost as well as for addressing the need for customization, increased product quality, and faster response to the market.