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Research Unit 5 - Social Sciences and ICT, Digital humanities, Communication, Media, Information Society

Strategic Research lines

The areas of research and development that Pole 5 aims to pursue, involve technological innovation in communication at all levels, the strengthening, evolution and use of the media, archives and digital libraries, simpler and more integrated accessibility to information, services, as well as entertainment and innovativeness at the service of contemporary societies. In line with all European calls, Pole 5 aims to act as a link to and form of promotion of projects associated with technology, IT, accessibility, digitalisation, multimedia communication and information, on all levels.

There are two areas of macro research in which UniMC has proven its excellent skills and particular dynamism in terms of planning:

1. Writing, use and receipt of real, virtual and multimedia communication

  • Text types and communication

- Languages and new media
- Non-verbal communication and interaction models
- Practice and techniques of audiovisual translation, technologies associated with the global usage of audiovisual texts, accessibility to the media, the arts and culture;
- Techniques and technologies for the communication of services, culture, entertainment

  • Assessment of tools for communication within various contexts

- usability assessment and interactions of users with systems and contents
- eye tracking studies
- accessibility assessment of contents and digital environments (TV, cinema, live shows, web)

  • IT applications and planning strategies for the production, management and communication of cultural heritage

2. Tools and methods for the production, access and management of digital contents and services

  • Digitalisation of documents, dematerialisation of processes and services

- Digital identity; IT security; networks and digital communication services
- Digitalisation economy; process reengineering; workflow management system (WfMS)
- Electronic publishing

  • Digital archiving and storage

- Data and document management and archiving systems (EDMS, ERMS)
- Digital archives and libraries
- Long-term digital preservation

  • Universal accessibility and fruition

- Semantic web; ontology and metadata; intelligent interfaces
- Quality of access to services, data and digital documents

Coordinators of Research Unit and contact persons:

- Elena Di Giovanni:

- Pierluigi Feliciati:

- Stefano Pigliapoco: